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Hi, I've just started to develop my thesis for my MFA Design program at the School of Visual Arts, here in NY, and I would like to see if you guys can help me with some answers to my very brief questions:

- if you sell your fonts through any website can you comment the pros and cons of it?

- if you sell your fonts through you personal website, how do you get the money: paypal, checks, others, etc...?

- what are the difficulties that you have for selling your fonts on web?

- what are the most annoying things about buying fonts online?

- is there any website where designer and typographers can sell their fonts without paying any commission?

If you can answer these questions, I would be very glad for that, since I'm only playing with a few ideas so far and listening and reading other people's perspective about this subject is extremely important for me!

Thank you very much,

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Do you have a thesis that relates type design to business models?
Why are scripts so popular in the retail font market? Is that the kind of question you hope to be able to answer?
If not, I would say there's too much business in your proposal, and not enough design.
Also, if you are going to canvas foundries, a systematic approach, contacting them directly, would be more meaningful than throwing up a question on Typophile, although here you may be able to refine the focus of the kinds of questions you should be asking.

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thanks for your time, nick.

actually, right now what I'm thinking is to develop some sort of website, like [Bad link], for example, but completely related to typography. So the idea is to develop a space where people can sell and buy fonts dealing directly to other user, without having to pay the website commissions! Also without the commission, designer and typographers could sell their types for much more affordable prices, which hopefully would help the font business to fight against illegal downloads.

as I said, it's just a starting point, there's a lot of research to do and that's why I'm trying to talk to as many people as I can about this beginning of idea, but I don't know where I'm going with it...

thanks, once again.

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Makambo (deceased, 2000) was more like that than MyFonts. It was largely automated, so that sellers posted their own gif samples and uploaded product themselves.
I'd recommend getting some experience working for a distributor before you attempt anything like this.
One difficulty you will run into is how to sell a product with many, many variants, in particular multiple options for multi-user licences. Unless you can automate the process so that sellers can do all the work, you are going to have to charge them, which defeats the whole point of the exercise. However, building and maintaining a sophisticated, automated font-marketing site would be way more complex than ETSY, and would require a huge amount of design and programming at the front end.

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