sans serif to combine with Plantin

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I'm looking for a nice sans-serif to combine with Plantin (roman and italic, running text, 11/13). Can anyone explain to me what i should keep in mind when i try to combine sans and serif? Is it just a feeling or are there some general rules? i can imagine X-height and colour hasve to be more or less equal, or is this not necessary? Should there be a contrast instead?

Thanks for your help.

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Most important is that you select a sans serif that fits your content, tone, and audience. Tell us more about the project.

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see Monocle magazine...Plantin and Helvetica done very well.

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It's a book about the history of a belgian city, more precisely about a part of the city where the workingclass lived. the sans-serif would be used for tables.

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Take a look at Freight Sans, at, whose letterform proportions have the same nice wide cast as Plantin, plus oldstyle figures, if you use them with your Plantin.

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