Typefographic personality

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I believe everyone faces this issue when choosing type for a magazine or for the corporate identity system of a client or, basically, for any design job that involves type.

How do you match the personality of the chosen type with the personality of the organization/magazine/etc?

The only details I've seen discussed were extremely basic... that is serif goes for serious, traditional corporations and sans serif fits like a glove on modern ones. Of course, this is a superficial approach.

I found this article, but it's a little too academic for my taste:

Any other resources that discuss this topic?



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You are essentially asking for the explanation of the ART of typography. No?

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Marius, although it's possible to "rationally" recommend certain fonts for certain types of work, it seems much much harder to come up with canned "rules" that can applied to this task.

> http://www.plainlanguagenetwork.org/type/utbo412.htm

Hey, that's a great find! Thank you.


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