New Daimler logo

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Underware, the Dutch graphic studio, has designed the new Daimler-Benz logo. A great typography result, since it is all made by letters:

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Quite uninspired. And some of the "first ideas" on photo look awful.

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> The new trademark from Daimler AG is designed totally from scratch, not based on an existing typeface.

So, how long before someone comes here and wants to know "What font is the Daimler logo?"

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:-) I guess they'll just be pointed at this thread, eh?

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> Quite uninspired.

I respectfully (and wholeheartedly) disagree.

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Anyone for a Dolly influence?

They've tried the Zurich Z, with the R tail, but i fear haven't quite gotten there.

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It may not be the most cutting-edge logo around, but given the size and history of the client—both long-term and recent—it’s a very impressive design.

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"Anyone for a Dolly influence?"

Yes, reminds me of Dolly Small Caps and Trump Mediaeval Small Caps.

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Yes, it looks like Dolly, which is not surprising as it was designed by the folks who designed Dolly. As to how good it is, that must be judged in the context of the product it labels, and it's not a logo for MTV. It is sober, with reminders of a long history, but with a contemporary air. All that it does admirably well. Its only shortcoming in my eyes is that it could be more elegant, given the look of the cars.

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I think the one thing that stands out to me is how incredibly balanced it is. The M is squash in the middle, but it doesn't feel forced, even though in other fonts it would be slightly to the left. YOu can see in the background of pictures they played with the idea of a stronger M, but in this case it's subtle, like a grounding force, sturdy. Not a bad image to give off.

«El futuro es una línea tan fina que apenas nos damos cuenta de pintarla nosotros mismos». (La Luz Oscura, por Javier Guerrero)

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Frankly, although the lettering is quite lovely, I find it to be a non-identifier. I don't see it as distinctive enough to act as a logo. It just looks like a word set in a traditional looking typeface. The typeface does not seem to suit the company, either. It may make a lovely titling face for a book but I can't imagine it cast in metal and chrome on a car. If this is a logo, it should be more evocative of the company and the products instead of just blending into the world of book typography.


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Chris, William, it's not a logo for a car. Daimler AG (uses Corporate S typeface) is actually parent company that incorporates Mercedes-Benz (uses Corporate A), Daimler Trucks, but also Daimler Financial Services (formerly DaimlerChrysler bank, using Corporate E). Anyway, as Chris pointed out, it is undistinctive, IMHO does not work that well with former elements of identity, and for the money...well, quite poor. DaimlerChrysler identity including logo, Corporate typeface trilogy and design principles was really great and very sophisticated. This one is not. Maybe balanced, sober or whatsoever, but neither beautiful & balanced, nor beautifully sober, nor outstanding or memorable.

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Chris, you've got a good point about its not being distinctive. However, they do have the famous three spoked wheel for Mercedes-Benz. Lorem points out that this is for more than the cars, so, yes, that is a telling criticism.

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I actually find it rather distinctive, but I guess I spend a lot of time looking at book typefaces. That very narrow "L" combined with the splayed "M" and the extended lef of the "R" give it unusual proportions, but in a way that works for me.



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It is heavier where we are so used to seeing a very high-contrast light stroke for luxury anything. The work is very true to the Underware style. It will be fun to see what happens to it and how it gets handled.

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"It is heavier where we are so used to seeing a very high-contrast light stroke for luxury anything."
Maybe we could add rounded (not sharp) serifs that give it a book look.

The fact is, Daimler is not luxury only.
Although they have Maybach,
they also make trucks and these mini-vehicles:

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I like the large bowl on the R, but find the base of the L to be a little stubby. I think the simplicity suits the company well.

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The R was obviously designed to work well with their CEO's moustache :-)
3rd photo @

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>Quite uninspired. And some of the “first ideas” on photo look awful.

I agree with this.


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>That very narrow “L” combined with the splayed “M” and the extended lef of the “R” give it unusual proportions, but in a way that works for me.

Thinking about this more, my unease about it is that the way in which it is distinctive is that it is a bit playful. If it were for a toy company, it would be fine. I just don't think it suits the brand. I predict that it will be changed within a few years.

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imho, not great, not terrible. feh. the L and R are interesting, but am i the only one who thinks the D looks a bit lonely out in front ?

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It does appear to float away a bit. I was thinking about starting a thread to see if anyone can post a string of caps that they feel is perfectly letter spaced—without flaw.

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@ the D looks a bit lonely out in front

Only at the baseline, to my eyes. If you look at the whole (holes?!), it's spaced pretty well. It's unquestionably a difficult set of caps to kern!

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The overly expressive leg of the R contrasts with the other more formal elements of the letter. It looks like someone just took a swash and stuck it under a P.

So, in my head (which is never a safe place) when reading the word I have to go back over the last two letters, and DAIMLER becomes DAIMLEP-ER.

If the intent of the wordmark was impart something along the lines of solid-structured-stylish, I think the R's contrasting elements undermine the solid-structured part... and unbalance the wordmark.

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I really adore the work of underware, that's why i'm shocked this time.
Didn't they get a proper briefing or why is the workmark so ponderous, so "vin ordinaire", "so … not classy". Maybe i'm totally wrong and Daimler will develop and sell new products, far from being a motorvehicle, with a new philosophy …

You're folks getting deep with the typedesign, but i cannot, the wordmark just allows me to look at the overall appearance …

The wordmark bites Corporate S on the signboard. Hehe, and it works really good together with the moustache of the CEO, damn right.

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