Vintage Audio Equipment Fonts

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I have to do some work for an audio equipment retailer – receivers, amps, speakers, etc. – and I'm looking for examples of vintage audio typography. Any thoughts on specific typefaces and/or places I could find a stockpile of examples (outside of your standard Google search)?

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You will find a wide range, from McIntosh to Mark Levinson. These brands have been around for a while, and there are many more.

Love the old Creek mark too.

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I think something like the Letterhead's Milkman would also work.

Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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FWIW, most of these have been out there for a while—'70s or so.
Pardon the dust.

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I know this isn't what was originally asked, but I couldn't help myself.

Here goes nothing -starting from the top:

AMC - Helvetica
Creek - custom?
ortofon - ?
x3-MC - Avant Garde with alternatives
Special Edition - Shelley Allegro
Rotel - ?
Sota - Peignot Bold
industries - Eurostyle
Vandersteen - Avant Garde Extra Light

How'd I do? :)

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Sounds good to me. You see a trend for sure. Slightly modified sans with some veneer of modernity. Is that Eurostyle under the Creek mark? It is an industry ruled by engineers and geeks obviously highly influenced by electrical diagrams.

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