Should I continue this project?

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I was working on this typeface awhile back for my logo. I am wondering if it is even worth it to continue on this project. I'm not too experienced with typography. This is somewhat the first time I have even attempted something like this.

Another thing, I used two fonts for this, and I don't even remember the second one. The first is Times. If you can identify the other, that would be amazing!

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As a concept it could work but there are some problems with the letterforms in shape spacing & so on. If you keep going I would reconsider making the top of the i under the dot take the same shape as the l and/or I would let the letter be less tall. The k needs to be redrawn with the weight distributed more like Times. Part of the trouble is that you have an italic weight distribution for your loop but the letter is upright. Some tweaks you made are distracting like the way the bowl joins the upright on the a. The logo has to be unified. This pulls in too many directions. I can't tell you if you should keep going. You could explain the context more fully...

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Wow, the x-height on this is EXTREME. If the shapes were more classic, this might be a good screen font.

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are you looking for comments on this as a logo, or as a candidate to expand to a full typeface?

Jason C

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I wanted to see if this could work as a full typeface. There are so many things I cannot see that are wrong here. I love these suggestions. I seriously do not think I could make this work as a full typeface with the little knowledge I have about this stuff.

I may just have to use it as a logo with the suggestions that were given. Let me revise this. If you want I can upload the ai file. I am trying to figure out some of Ebens suggestions.

This is more overwhelming than I thought hah!

Thank you though!

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With the tall x-height and swashy k it kinda reminds me of lettering done for romance novels. The caps seem a bit out of sync but it does have a hand drawn type sort of flavor.

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I like it. Keep working on it.

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I do not really know whether it is good or not. I would just say, I do not really like it because the proportion is not "balanced" as if very thin elves. They are a little too narrow. I do not mind the huge x-height, but it does not help with the legibility. I do not know. They just feel weird to me. My suggestion is, pick an existing typeface that is similar to your goal, and then basing on that typeface you innovate a new one. By doing that, getting the "correct" proportion should be no problem.

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