A Font For a Modern Illuminated Manuscript

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I'm putting together a proof of concept for a modern illuminated manuscript of the Bible. I have in mind something combining the aesthetic of the beautiful medieval manuscripts with some of the techniques and principles of modern graphic design. I'm looking for both body and title text, but the body text is certainly the trickier one. Specifically, I'd like a serif font that is beautiful and legible, that hints at old English without the illegibility of old English.

It would also be fantastic if I could find something that has a free version that I could use for proof-of-concept. Any thoughts?

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Are you aware of the St. Johns Bible project. It sounds very much like what you are proposing. http://www.saintjohnsbible.org/

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A few years, ago I created a typeface based on the script from the St John's Bible. It's fairly complete and retains the handwritten look of the bible. I have not shared to so far. Let me know if you have any interest.


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