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Since nobody even seems to look at the Bitmap forum anymore I decided to post my face here too.

Its hypothetical intention is to determine the truth or false nature of spoken word through vocal recognition software. It will be used as an option of captioning on a television and other digital applications, mainly cell phones.

The alternate face is used to show vocal pattern inconsistencies during display.

Yes, the X's in the regular cases are horrible. Any suggestions?

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They look blurry. Is this intentional
grey-scaling or just a funny size?


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Well I blew them up so you could see them a little better. It is optimized for 20pt. That is the smallest text on the page, which is the optimal size. Any other bluriness could just be exporting it to jpeg.

it works the best at 100% at 20, 40, 60pt etc, though its not meant to be seen at those sizes.

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