(x) Geometric sans used in "Pandora's Box" DVD menu (Criterion Collection) - Bayer Sans {James Mark Hatley}

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Dear Typophile friends,

Does anyone know which font is being used here (below), this is a screengrab from the opening menu page of "Pandora's Box", packaged by the Criterion Collection.

I am looking for the main sans serif font, I noticed it has perfectly round capital letter O, like Gotham, and uses lower case N, and the X is very peculiar too, but I can't find the font yet.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!

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You aren't likely to find an exact match for that unfortunately since it's from a bygone time.

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Bayer Sans is going to be close. I’ve had this movie on VHS, and I don’t remember the type looking this way. It may have been chosen for the DVD conversion. The menu on the right would not have been part of the original titles, but it is stretched as if at the edge of a bubble screen.

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You aren’t likely to find an exact match for that unfortunately since it’s from a bygone time.

It's gotta be somewhere, that image looks like it's a screen capture from a DVD menu. It's a wide image so you probably didn't notice the menu items on the right.

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Actually, I think you nailed it with Bayer Sans. Just look at that horrible S, they're perfectly matched.

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And the apostrophe ; )

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thank you jupiterboy, i think you nailed it! i did a quick test (above), and it looks really good to me, all the letters from the example look correct (as far as i can tell), including the A, R, O, X, E, A, L, S, even the G!

yeah i don't know too much about classic films, but i think when the criterion collection chooses to re-release a classic/great film on dvd, they do a whole repackaging thing, quite lavishly, with new special features, film transfer, packaging, titles, etc.

also, i am pretty sure the criterion logo was designed by pentagram, although i don't know (and doubt) if they do the individual rebranding for each film.

oh and yeah, i didn't exactly do a screengrab, i took a picture of my tv screen, thus the warping on the edges.

i am curious now to see the original opening titles, let me check the dvd!

thanks again, i really appreciate it!!!

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true, Asvetic, maybe i should have said, even the S. yeah, it is kinda stressful and not harmonious that S, like it is all nervous. oh well, still really like the font! i didn't know it was designed by herbert bayer.

hmm, on myfonts it says this is the font used on the bloomingdale's bag, not sure if this is true?

more info from myfonts:

Bayer Sans, is based on the typography of the Austrian-born artist Herbert Bayer. Bayer worked as a teacher and graphic designer at the Bauhaus, a revolutionary German art school, during the 20’s. His specialty was commercial art and he had many “radical” views on typography and its interaction with society. Bayer felt that written language should be merely a graphic version of spoken language. Thus, he advocated a single alphabet without majuscules and miniscules. Bayer’s designs are simple, geometric letterforms that lend themselves to lowercase form. This font, based on the typography of Bayer and his students at the Bauhaus Werkstatt (studio), was digitally modeled by Noah Rothschild. Bayer Sans features a complete character set including European characters, alternate letters with adjusted widths and designs and ligatures. Included are the “f” characters and a special linked double-o.

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My bad - I didn't scroll to the right or I'd have realized it wasn't a vintage font.

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