Documentary film credits in NTSC

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Anybody here have broadcast design experience? I do, but I've never worked with credits at the end of a film.

I offered to do some pro bono design for a documentary filmmaker. She has a thing for Verdana, though I have doubts about using it in a broadcast format. The regular weight seems a little too thin for NTSC and buzzes at the smaller sizes. The bold is too hefty for credits. If only....there was a weight in between the two.

You have to pack so much type into credit pages. And with the low res NTSC environment, it seems to require a simple open sans serif, like akzidenz.

Is there a font that is closer to verdana with a full range of weights?


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Very interesting thread on TV & Type, don't miss David Earls posts.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, Ignacio.

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