What is up with Helvetica!!!!!

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Why is it that I have so many fonts on my computer called helvetica but dont look as nice as the helvetica which is used for major brands all over the world. Are these ripoffs or something? And if so where can I get the proper Helvetica from?
I am so confused and can anyone give me a answer?

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I guess it's not only about actually 'having' Helvetica, it's also about using and setting it nicely and in style. ;) (Some designers may be able to use ANY typeface they want, or have to use, to create stunning and impressing art/works, when using these types wisely and professionally.)


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Chances are that the ‘real thing’ you’re looking for is Helvetica Bold, with rather tight (or very tight) tracking.
That’s what you see in the famous works of Experimental Jetset or The Designers Republic and even on the packaging of Helvetica – The Film.

Besides that, I second Dav-

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Thanks heaps for your comments. What is with Helvetica Neue? Whats the difference between that and helvetica?

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What is with Helvetica Neue?

Check out the Wiki: Helvetica, Neue Helvetica
Or these older threads: Neue Helvetica & Helvetica?, The difference between Helvetica and Neue Helvetica

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Thank you very much for your help. To add to what you were saying about the film Helvetica.....I did a test on one of the posters used for the film and I am convinced the font used for it is Helvetica Neue. Helvetica Neue bold matches it but helvetica bold doesnt. Could this be right?

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Helvetica and Neue Helvetica are easy to tell apart. What’s used in the above poster is certainly the Neue variety. Historically, there were so many Helvetica versions developed, adjusted, customised, &c., for various typographic media and uses. None of them compares to the original Helvetica Medium, née Neue Haas Grotesk halbfett.

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Yes, I admit it. We succumbed to the charms of the new Helvetica for the film's identity, and dumped the old Helvetica. Neue is sexier, especially 75 Bold. Oh baby.


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Actually, I still need to figure out what to do with http://www.75bold.com

Any suggestions?

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