"Gang" closely cropped typeface

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Because you can only see some of this font this is very difficult to get. I dont even know if this is a font, might have just been drawn, Can anyone help?

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Poor little h (and a, and g or 9?) who's the butcher?

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Hahahahaha good point. I think it has some italian designer. Any clue what font it is?

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Posting multiples times is kinda discombobulating for those of us who travel all forums. I've moved all to the Type ID are, where they belong, but left ghosts for others to follow. In the past it hasn't really helped others to post multiple times.

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It's probably a very "normal" font that some has chopped up. You could get the same effect by using a bold font like Franklin Gothic or TheSans and putting a mask over it in Illustrator.

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I have looked at about 2000 fonts and I have found nothing thats close

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I repeat, you won't find a font that looks exactly like your sample. Someone took a fairly regular sans serif bold font and then worked with it in Illustrator to give it this effect - the curved corners, the cross in the middle. No, you won't find anything close to this right out of the box. But I think if you took almost any plain sans - I don't know offhand which one might have that angled tail on the g - and worked with it in Illustrator you could get very close.

This is a logo that someone has created out of a font, not a font per se.

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Yeah I know that. A font has been pasted inside these squares. What I am saying is that the creator has strated off with a font then pasted inside these squares. It must of been a font to start of with and I cant match the shapes to

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What are you trying to do with this? Recreate the design or find a similar font for use elsewhere?

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I am wanting to create something similar to it

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For something similar, Aachen bold (as Yves stated in your other thread) might be a good substitute.

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I am inclined to concur with you: Aachen bold. Just draw a square, place the letter on top of it as desired; then, place inside the box. Done!



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The font One Night Stand comes close…

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This isn't Aachen. The counter shapes are all wrong. The terminals on the stems aren't angled like this either. And, the backside interior stroke has a flat join with the arm.

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Looks like Arial Black (or something very similar), rotated CCW a bit, then individual characters masked with squares and the whole assemblage masked with a large rounded corner rectangle.

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I think the key characteristics to look at here are the counters of the a and the g, and the terminal of the g. I can't figure it out myself, but maybe one of the more experienced typophiles here can figure it out from that diagonal terminal on the g and the distinctive terminal shapes.

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From the FAQ:

I've posted an ID request days ago and still haven't received any reply. How is that possible?
Though it's quite rare, that can happen too. Rest assured we will have had a look at your sample, but sometimes we simply don't have a clue. The best way to "revive" your thread is to post a little reminder in your original thread. Please don't create a duplicate thread with the same request as this annoys the hell out of me.

And in this particular case you did get a reply in your previous thread. :^/

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I think the key characteristics to look at here are the counters of the a and the g, and the terminal of the g.

I was looking at the counters in the g and realized that the entire height of the character is the same as that of the lowercase a. That can't be correct. The counters in the g must have originally been taller along with the whole character.

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