Cool contemporary connected script on AnOtherMan magazine cover

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Hi there!

Does anybody know thas script typeface from this magazine cover?


Happy Easter!


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Initially it looked very familiar to me, but I was wrong. I thought it was DSType's Estilo Script:

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Anybody knows this typeface?

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Yeah, it really is a special one. Alas, I have no idea. Reminds me of a script stencil I had as a child – like those by Standardgraph.

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Fontshop has a few which are similar if you search using the keyword, "school".

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It reminds me of the alternate face for Type-O-Tones MeMima. It's only similar though.

- Mike Yanega

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Somewhat reminds me of Lineto's extremely cool tech script Easyscript.

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Probably a custom design by Alias, see this thread.

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