indesign question : hidden characters

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hi everybody

i have a litl maybe silly question about the indesign hidden characters

when i have a document with text open and i turn on hidden characters (type - show hidden characters or alt-ctrl-i) they don't show

i have no idea on why they dont show up, there must be sommething i'm doing wrong, could someone here help me out please?

thnx in advance

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that's odd... are you in in the preview mode? If so... thats why it doesnt show to you :) The hidden characters are only available on the normal view


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Are you in "Preview" mode?

Hidden characters don't show up in preview mode.

That's the only thing I can think of off the bat.

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i dubble checked and you guys are wright, i feel so stupid now..i was indeed in preview mode. thank you for helping out Freeza and Guerella, appreciate it.


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hehe no problem :)

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