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Just one option to show that the client has given a thumbs up too.

I'm having trouble trying to find the right balance and wanted some more eyes on this. My worry is that besides the type, there are too many visual elements trying to engage the eye and the line connecting figures is throwing the balance of the whole thing off.

I'd appreciate some insights. The artwork is not very final, more of a placeholder.

*Shoot the photo didn't load up. Here is the link: Identity

I uploaded the photo and it didn't post. any reason why?

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Not sure why it didn't post. Here it is again.

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Thanks for posting it for me.

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Can't speak to the balance, but my first reaction was, is the big "i" the person's middle initial or is it just a stylized "i" to link the other two together, and is it supposed to be a microphone, a person behind a lectern, or both?

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I like the use of Dolly, but the lower-case "i"s are throwing me off. They could potentially work with the serifs cut off, but the extra tight kerning around them doesn't help. Usually I think logotypes should be more integrated with their icon if there is one, but in this instance I would rather see her name in just plain dolly and then create an "i" icon that mirrors some of those shapes.

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Also, the tagline is way too light, and will completely disappear at normal usage sizes.

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@Feelthekern. Yeah the kerning doesn't have to be that tight. I can definitely give it some room to breath as there is no reason why its that tight currently. It's a rough draft so i'll definitely boost up the tagline.

@all The big "i" could be indeed all of those, as many speaker use mics and lecterns. Currently it's wanting to double as a mic and symbolically a person. The lowercase "i"s were modified from the microphone in the middle and carry over the same stem width as the original characters.

What i'm wrestling with is how much to keep and how much to kill. I'd be perfectly happy with a simple word mark and the tagline, but i felt like something a bit more interesting needed to happen as many word marks rely on simple twists, otherwise its just Dolly and Bryant. Since i wouldn't want to take much away from the beauty that is Dolly, even the line connecting two people would be possibly symbolic enough in the context of speakers connecting with the listeners. Though is that too simple or just enough?

If it helps her current audience types are primarily young African American girls and secondly a broader range of young people.

So many options to choose from. I'll see if i can work out a more hand crafted mic, lectern, person icon that matches Dolly. Other thoughts are most welcome.

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