Illustration degree?

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Graphic design has been a huge interest of mine for the last few years and after attending a couple different colleges in non design related programs, I’m thinking about switching over to a design school. The only problem is I’ve looked into most area graphic design schools and they are a lot more than I can afford. That being said, there’s a local art school that offers a bachelors in illustration that is less expensive than the other schools. They have a decent amount of graphic design classes. So my question is, would this illustration program be a good way to go? My plan is to run my own graphic design studio, but just in case, would I be able to land a job as a graphic designer with that degree?


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If you have a good portfolio, are creative, and know how the software works, you won’t have too much trouble getting a job with an illustration degree. There are some really great firms that do a lot of in-house illustration and ONLY hire people who can draw well.

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I came form an illustration background myself. I did a post-grad in electronic prepress to get my foot in the door and got a really good internship and job at a top design firm. As James said, it's more about your portfolio. Having drawing skills definitely helps in design - for logos and project where there's no good imagery or photography to work with. Learn all you can about typography - in and out of school.

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That's what I was hoping. Thanks for the input/info.

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