2d spreads to 3d spreads in photoshop?

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I was wondering how to give a magazines this 3D look almost as if they have been photographed. I am building my portfolio and I am tying to decided the best way to display my editorial spreads. Did you do this in photoshop? Does anyone know of any tutorials available? It is more than just a drop shadow and it really looks great.

I attached examples


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Using a gradient blend over the top of your images would do this if you really feel it necessary.

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Do you know of any tutorials available?

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Nevermind I figured it out

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It's always handy to post whatever you figured out, for other people to read.
Otherwise it becomes a somewhat useless thread. :)

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I used to just print it on an uber-injet and photograph it.

I miss working in a studio with a full-time photographer.

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