question about unicase typography - bauhaus lower case exclusivity - alphabet 26

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hello everyone,
I read you for few times, i learned lot of interesting things here and this is my first post.

I'am looking for some infos about unicase typography and at the beginning with the bauhaus and new typography concept of the lowercase use.
I learn that this bauhaus ideas comes from a book nammed "sprache und schrift" from 1920 by dr walter Porstmann, the guy who created the standard A4, A5 ... format of paper in the DIN organization.
I would know if a translation of this book is avaiable.
If you have any information or texts about this concept, would you post it to me?

I am also interested in unicase experimentation and looking for info on this subject and also on the alphabet 26 concept by bradbury thompson.
The main problem for me is that the bradbury thompson book "The art of graphic design" is sold out and that the few used avaiable are too expensive for me. If you have this book, could you say me if bradbury thompson speak or not about his alphabet 26 concept in this book. If so, could you please send me scans images from the selected parts of this books.

I will write a thesis about unicase typography and typographic (utopian or restrictive) experimentations; so all links, infos, texts, images are welcome.

Sorry for my english, i am a french graphic design student. If i'm not clear, ask me more explanaition.
I hope for answers

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