official government agency logotype font

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Would anyone know what font is used in this logotype?
Thanks in advance!

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Secretaria is a cut up Rockwell i think. Not sure about the rest

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Whatever the other is, it's not very good. :^/

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The rest of it also looks like (poorly) altered Rockwell. They cut up some of the serifs and extended some of the strokes. It looks terrible.

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That "c" in Derechos looks like it's pulling its arm back to smack you in the face.

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thanks for your answers. Now, do you think it can be a freeware font from a free-download-fonts-site such as or its a customized work for this client?

Just like you I also think it´s a terrible outcome if they tried to make a new original font for this work.
They have applied (sorry for my English) in all the Province of Córdoba´s official agencies´s logotypes and they look terrible.
Province of Córdoba, Argentina

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"It looks terrible."

Which, *sigh*, is par for the course in .gov graphic design. :/

Maybe we can spin this...department of human rights...humans are imperfect...imperfect typeface? Bah...I got nuthin.

"Now, do you think it can be a freeware font"


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