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I've never claimed to be that great of a web designer, but I'm particularly proud of my newest creation.


It's not flashy at all, but the underlying PHP code is unique. It's designed as a "newspaper" theme, with two columns on the main page that alternate even and odd posts. (That's the unique part. Anyone see that before?)

It's still a work in progress, since I'm not the most humongous expert at CSS hacks to get this to work well in IE, etc.

If anyone is willing to help me fix the CSS, I'll hook you up with the custom Wordpress theme code!


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Nice going. I'm only barely cognizant of php but I know me some CSS. Let me know if you need help.

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I am still stuck in tables for layout. The web and CSS passed my by a few years ago while I was sleeping :-/


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I'm working on my site, slowly but surely, and it will be all CSS goodness. I'm excited. Really.

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Here's the problem I'm running into:
Internet Explorer doesn't "do" margins and padding very well, and I can't figure out how to get the columns to align correctly because of that. Safari and Firefox, etc., render it well, but...

I tried applying the Google ie7-js javascript fix, but it doesn't seem to be working :(

Anyone have any success with this or know how to fix it without re-working the entire page?

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My solution for the dreaded IE Box Model bug is to set up a frame div with your width/height and no padding or margins. I can then place a div inside with the necessary padding applied. Some like to use the _height/_width hacks but I try to keep it as valid as possible.

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"Internet Explorer doesn’t “do” margins and padding very well"

In the past, I'd double-wrap all containers (like Ken describes). So, I'd have div#outerwrapper and div#innerwrapper

I'd position outerwrappers and give padding/margin to innerwrappers

but, that can bloat your markup.

These days, I just add IE conditional comments and load an extra style sheet for IE6 and then IE5.5

I design it so it looks great/works in IE7/Firefox, then open it in IE6 and figure out which items need negative padding/margins for IE6 to render it right.

I find it a lot more flexible mainly because it lets me keep my HTML and main CSS file completely free of crazy IE hacks.

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