Good tilde design

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Eben Sorkin asked if I could give some examples of tilde design good and bad, so I compiled a good bit in this post on my blog. Comments are welcome of course.

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Thanks for writing that up! I am keen to hear some opinions about Matthew's idea.

Here is the link again in a less subtle way

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Looks like it might have been an interesting page, had I been able to read the tiny type. And unfortunately, the coding did not allow me to switch to a larger font with my browser.

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I was able to make the font bigger. I agree.

I have some other suggestions. But I will offer them later.

His main idea is clear I think.

It might be useful to drop into a post though, just to make it easier to read.

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I second that! All three points, that is:

Great summary, interesting points. Thanks, Matthew.

While I defintely prefer unobtrusive inline links to long lines of bulky URL rigmarole, the current implementation is way too subtle!
Under certain circumstances (screen angle, lighting, …), I cannot tell apart the regular text in Georgia Roman, without underline, in medium gray – from link text in Georgia Roman, without underline, in grayish blue.
Can’t we have a text-decoration:underline, please? (It doesn’t have to be the chunky default one.) And if that is too much of a revolution, what about a little icon, like the wiki entries have?
I’ve sent a feature request; if others suffer from the same thing, please do so, too.

And yes, Matthew, your ideas deserve a better treatment than 10px type in lengthy lines. A max-width in ems would help a lot.

[sorry for the off-topic comments]

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It should let you make the font bigger, in fact the majority of the page is based on em-scaling so changing font size should also nicely change image size as well. I just checked in FF, OmniWeb and Safari and Opera and the fonts go up.

And yeah I need to work on my site a bit. I've keep forgetting not everyone uses the smallest windows possible :)

I would also like if any Portuguese-native users on the forums could tell me how they generally write the tilde over the A and the O. The standard Spanish handwriting for it I'm sure would be too easily confused for an acute accent.

Also if there's interest I can go back and find more examples of older tildes. (Cervantes Virtual Library is your friend).

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