Script faces?

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This is for my wedding invites. I'm using a lot of aqua-cyan, cherry red and it has a kind of retro mid-century japan look.

Can you recommend a script? Not so much Bickham or Shelley or Zapfino, but more like Notec, Honey or Emmascript? Or this, what's this in the 4th image?


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i think the last one is Dear Sarah?

Some faves:
Bounce Script
Bistro Script
Sacre Bleu

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Or, okay Honeyscript makes it look like a shoe ad. So not that.

How about something fussy-quirky? Like filosofia?

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Paul, these are great. Olicana is amazing.

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Good picks from Paul. Also Swank, Handsome.

Fussy-quirky: Kursivschrift

And congrats on the wedding!

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it is. it's one of those i wish i had made!

like Filosofia? Try one of the styles of Danubia i especially love the script version.

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ooh Stephen, swank is really neat!
thank you thank you.
mostly the wedding industrial complex thanks another 2 fools and their credit cards. :)

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danubia script definitely fussy quirky.
i love this place, i learn so much.

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