manly serif or one with non-calligraphic italic

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Hi all,

I'm trying to determine a good body copy font for an identity system, but the tricky thing is something that is likely on my client's system. Not the end client, but my client (the marketing person) in order to avoid extra expense.

I used Bell Gothic in the logotype but don't intend on using it for the font family(s) for the identity system. My preference would be to I.D. one humanist sans like Scala, Syntax or Profile for use in all communications and skip a serif font. I have no control over the communications materials as she's taking that on herself, even though she's not a designer (another story).

The business is a pretty manly, industrial enterprise. Many of my serif fonts tend to have italics that are too calligraphic for some uses, and my tastes, like Minion and Meridian. Sabon isn't bad. I've used Adobe Garamond too much in my life, though I like it.

I may have to resort to Myriad or Frutiger (for the sans) but I don't think those are as flexible in a total identity system to stand on their own for all copy. In which case I will need to pick a serif to go with.

Thanks for any opinions!


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