Logo for human resources consultant ... have these been done before?

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Hi everybody

I´m designing a logo for a friend of mine, a human resources consultant . I came up with these 4 ideas, but somehow they all seem familiar to me; i did it all from scratch and tried to be as original as possible, but at the end i wonder if they are very similar to some others already existing. The copy reads "human connection" in spanish. I´ll appreciate your help.

Thanks, and best regards.

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They look pretty original to me. There could be that you think it is similar to something else. They are "done from scratch", and that is it. Si no es totalmente igual a otro y diseñado por usted. Ya está! Salud. -Andrés

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I'm not an expert, but I can tell you that the two on the right-hand side look somewhat similar to the Ubuntu Linux logo. I like the top left.


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Yes, the two on the right hand side definitely look like the Ubuntu Linux logo (especially the bottom right).

The bottom left has the most potential, although right now it looks a little silly (too much like a smiley). But I think that one communicates a human connection better than the top left. That one reminds me of the Enron logo, and I don't think you're going for that.

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Hello friends, you´re right about UBUNTU logo, do you think this colored version steps away? I just finished another design, this is pretty much my style (when illustrating personal projects) i tried to make it more personal to set it apart, i think it may work... critique accepted... thank you...

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Hi! The one on the right makes me think of a company involved in organic products...
I like the "smiley" one: IMO, the professional typesetting contrasts quite well with the friendly logo.

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Thanks for the support abaldoni, the green one stands for many outdoors activities during the consultancy, and reprsents the freedom achieved after them. The first one obviusly stands for the teamwork and the "4 colour insights method" applied during the consultancy... I´ll appreciate more feedback since im almost on time to show this first round and i know many of you typophiles are great critiques ;) thanks!!!

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Top left reminds me of the Hydro One logo.

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I like the one to the right in the last draft. Maybe find another color to get away from the organic products feel.

The one to the left is also good but maybe a little close to Ubuntu. Otherwise it's a nice concept.

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thank you all guys for your feedbak, big help... i´ll show my friend some of these and see what comes next and come back whith the finished designs for some approval of your sharp eyes.

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I think in the second set the one on the right is excellent. I don't necessarily get an organic food products feel myself, although the advice to try different colors is well taken.

I don't like the one on the left at all. It looks like what would happen if the Windows and Ubuntu logos had a baby.

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