TONS of Great New Fonts! - Font Bros Update!

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Greetings Friends!

As crusty snow starts to thaw and grass starts a peekin' through, it can only mean one thing . . . NEW FONTS from the Font Bros!

Filmotype - Filmotype Alice marks the beginnings of the casual handwritten script aesthetic. Introduced by Filmotype in the late 1950s, it perfectly captures the mid-century playfulness of hand lettering while providing comfortable readability. Check it out at:

Strikingly poised and almost as exotic as it sounds, Filmotype Zanzibar is among Filmotype's most amazing and beautiful formal scripts released. This hidden gem was released originally in the early 1950s has been meticulously redrawn from the original font filmstrips. Check it out at:

Fontalicious - We've just updated and re-released a nice handful of original Fontalicious fonts! These fonts have been updated, expanded, and generated in OpenType format for your pleasure. The new re-releases include: Baby Kruffy, Cheeseburger, Juice, Lounge Bait, Mandingo, and Superfly! Check 'em out at:

Harold's Fonts - Diversion is a little amusement, all swirls and spirals. It was inspired by the handlettered logo of an Italian restaurant in Mexico. Could add a lot of whimsy if used carefully, might cause dizziness if overused. Check it out at:

Havana Street - Ooze was inspired by original 1940s style Hollywood hand-lettered, movie poster-type and is sure to bring the ghosts and ghouls out of your computer for some spooky fun! Perfect for Halloween, haunted houses, or when you need that classic creepy look! Check it out at:

Sideshow - Toylab was originally created by talented illustrator and lettering artist Molly Z for ToyLab, an actual wacky workshop where kids invent new toys using old toy parts. The letterforms were designed to evoke play and fun and to be used in the most imaginative of ways! Check out this super fun and futuristic font at:

As always, we strive to bring the best display typefaces to your desktop so enjoy browsing our HUGE and expanding selection of display typfaces and let a friend know where you shop for the best fonts online! Font Bros or course!

Mike & Stuart
The Font Bros

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A fun bunch of new offerings, Stuart!


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Zanzibar is killer, and it’s great all around!

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Thanks guys! We sent a mailing on Friday but it didn't get picked up on Typophile so I thought I'd post it . . . We've been very busy adding brand new stuff and re-releases of some older works but I'm happy that the Filmotype faces continue to roll out!


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Zanzibar is killer...

I think so, too--I digitized it for Font Bros. I plan to write something about it today on my blog.

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You thought I'd let your release go by? No way. I posted it!

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I must admit a heartfelt nostalgia for the old Font Diner name though. It went so sweetly with the jukebox image on your web site. Oh, well...


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Font Diner isn't gone. Font Bros is the vendor for many different foundries, one of which is Font Diner.

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Whew, Thanks Tiff! Now I feel better :-)


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Actually, I may be confusing folks with too many mailers :D

Tiffany posted the mailing I sent to everbody who's opted in to receive updates from the Filmotype mailing list which you can too sign up for at the website . . .

The release I posted today was from the Font Bros mass mailing that went out on Friday which features all the releases Font Bros just added including the Filmotype fonts - To clear up any confusion, I am a co-owner of Font Bros and post these releases from time to time unless Paul Hunt beats me to it :D

And finally, after a significant lag, I just sent off another mass mailing to all the folks who are subscribed to the Font Diner e-mail list which covers some of this news as well as other Font Diner news . . . I may post that later on as well but I don't want to wear out my welcome since I expect to send a Mr. Retro mass mailing later today as well announcing some new serigraphs :D

Otherwise for clarification, Mark digitized Filmotype Zanzibar for Font Diner even though we release that library exclusively via Font Bros at this time . . . Keep your eye's sharply peeled for the news of Zanzibar on Mark's site as well as another font creator who digitized the Filmotype Allison font (I won't OUT him here)

And Chris, your sentiment hasn't gone unnoticed . . . Font Diner is the reason I am able to do what I do these days so I'm paying much love to the Diner but the fruits of my labor won't be revealed till the Summer with a new Font Set although the website update was a significant undertaking and I'm currently in EULA land getting that upgraded for the masses . . .

I'm also working on releasing some old classics that were among my earliest releases . . .

Stuart :D

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:^D Looks like I need to sign up for a few more email blasts. ;^)

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Filmotype Alison's creator is now OUT


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Mark your (c) is still 2007.

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Thanks, Sii! (fixed)

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Hi all,
Zanzibar, The Geminis, The Rustlers, Directors Script, National Archive and on and on...


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