'romantic' (but not script) font needed

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I need a font for a campaign that conveys "romance," however, I do not want a script font.

This is for the headline (eg, display purposes)-- the photography is romantic, but modern (clean, warm lighting)

I was thinking something along the lines of an elegant, clean, lightly-seriffed font.

any suggestions? thank you!

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I 'said' it before and I will state it any time again. ;) Nothing says 'romantic' than many of the faces designed and released by Gert Wischer. (And you may also like some of the Canada Type types. )


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Probably terribly old-fashioned of me, but I'd try Perpetua. I believe there is a font taken from a display-sized master (other than the titling, which is upper-case only).

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I used Perpetua for a book on wedding photography once, I second that suggestion. It has a lovely italic.

Fournier is really nice too.

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What about something calligraphic? Brioso Pro (Opticals) is very lovely and if you need it for large poster sizes don't overlook the oft forgotten Brioso Pro Poster.

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