uploading pdfs

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Is there a simple way to achieve this seemingly unattainable goal? This post itself is a reattempt to upload a pdf. I just hit attach file, and according to the site, it's checked under "list." now all I have to do is hit "submit," and in a normal world, this would seem to do the trick. However, if you see no attached file down under this post, you have also then seen the reason FOR this post.

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Anyone know how to tie one of those knots they use in nooses and such? I got the rope here but don't want any mistakes when I kick the chair out from under me.


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I checked that but it seems to only cover downloading photos.

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Christopher the only way to upload at PDF is to be the originator of the thread. When creating the thread look for "File Attachments". You can always edit the thread you started and insert the PDF there. Note again that it can only be added to the initial thread post.

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