Wedding Invitation - Serif font to pair with Ministry Script?

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I have seen a few threads on this but am looking for some more recommendations for serif fonts to pair with Ministry Script on a wedding invitation. The wedding won't be overly formal but I am looking for something that is classy and elegant to contrast Ministry Script. I've been testing Warnock Pro and Minion. Preferably something with an expert character set (small caps, etc.).

Any ideas? Thanks for any help that you provide.

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> classy and elegant to contrast Ministry Script

(Emphasis mine.) I'm not sure what this means. Are you saying that Ministry does not meet your definition of classy and elegant? I just want to clarify your definition so I can give appropriate recommendations.

ITC Bodoni
FF Reminga

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Thanks, Stephen. To clarify, what I meant was that I am looking for a serif to contrast the calligraphic ministry script. Just looking for something that works well with it. Thanks so much for your assistance.

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