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This is for a federal consulting company, who is adding more software to it's line up. They want an approachable, modern look but to keep in mind that they are still connected to the federal government (see gartner, input etc...). I couldn't find a typeface I was 100% happy with or could afford so I've tried to create my own. I'm looking for feedback on two things 1) how to improve the type, make it more distinct and weight you think works better and 2) Should I go with a wordmark or use the logo. The idea behind the logo is the have a win, manage, market philosophy that when used brings you back to winning a new contract and starting the cycle again, hence three parts that make up the circle.

Have at it.. Thanks

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i would take a look at the new Grant Thornton logo.
your mark is very, very similar.


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I prefer the heavier weight.

Since the shape of the logo is somewhat similar to Grant Thornton's, let's just stay with the wordmark instead. :-)

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Yeah, that (grant thornton) looks pretty close. damn. Any ideas on making the wordmark seem more like a logo and less like text?

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Alter the shapes? :-)

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:) I really don't know what type of answer I was expecting with that question. I'm going to mess around with it and see what happens.

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Grant Thornton

and Rogers

Jean Chouinard (formerly emerjean on Typophile)

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Don't worry, forget the logo similarities. It's hard to be authentic and original except you're living in the era where Da Vinci still alive. Don't get stuck. Good luck. :)

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