Wedding Place Mat

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Screen printing this onto a place mat for my wedding. advice pls

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What kind of advise? Looks fun, though I personally can't read the lowercase "v" or "w" without working at it.

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mostly composition advice, but thanks :)

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You might want to look at your spelling of Gateaux...


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ihih.. thanks..

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At first I was confused, but then I got it, so I think it works. The only one that's a bit ambiguous to me is the "* selection of lovely seasonal fresh veg PUDDING * ice cream with chocolate sauce". Is this three items or two items? If three, "PUDDING" is missing an asterisk. If two, is it "veg PUDDING" or "PUDDING ice cream?" This needs to be clearer.

The "ice cream sauce" and "with chocolate" seem to be two different elements to me. It looks like "ice cream sauce" and "mousse gateaux with chocolate wedding cake". I'd tuck the "with chocolate" in between "ice cream" and "sauce" to be more consistent with the other items on the menu.

Assuming "PUDDING" is its own item, I'd set "ice cream with chocolate sauce" (in a single column) in pink and "wedding cake" in white to help with clarity.

I agree about the 'v' and 'w' - it reads as "roedding cake," "ice cream roith chocolate sauce".

Otherwise, this looks really cool :-)

- Lex

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"advice pls"

Scrap it.

It's way too nice.

Your wife will be pissed that she's no longer the center of attention.

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yes, to me the 'v's look like topless 'b's and the I's merge with the next letter to form U's

I wonder if switching typeface might solve them or maybe it's just me. I mean, I'm a designer, so after studying typography I should be better equipped to deal with these things, but the reading order lost me a couple of times. (although I am canadian, so maybe I'm just not used to reading your typographic accent ;-)

oh, and good luck with the wedding, must be exciting times!

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I would make "lasagne" to show as all others: not being over other text. Maybe giving more leading, so it breaths better.
Look Good!

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Very nice -- the "v's" don't bother me as much.

But the "e" in lasagne is the only letter in the layout that overlaps.

umm what's a lasagne? Do you mean lasagna?

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Lasagna. My bad. If you track me you will find out that I am THE champion of typos over here.

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