Adobe Font Folio Education Essentials

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Can anyone provide a font list for this? Their website makes the assumption that we can read minds.

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Hey, for the price of Avenir alone it's a good deal. If you're a student. Like me. Hee hee.

Actually, they included Kepler opticals also, so that's a dang good deal. And look at that selection of grotesques! It's grotesque!

Thanks Thomas Phinney!

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I’m impressed. I might have to pick it up before I graduate!

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Very alluring indeed. What about professional/commercial use and continued use after graduation? Do the same rules apply as mentioned in this Education purchasing FAQ (Adobe UK)?
Thanks, F

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Somebody called me?

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A great, great deal. But is it available to we folks who live down under?

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I was pleasantly surprised by that list, I was expecting much more filler far less 'essential'.

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This is a great collection. It seems almost too good to be true, thanks Adobe. This will be an awesome resource for students. More information here.

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hey, i work for The Salvation Army, is this package available to non-profits as well?

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