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Hi All.

I figured I would consult this knowledgeable group with my question.

I'm trying to use the House Gothic 23 font set. Looking at the House Industries website at the typefaces available with House Gothic 23 (extended, condensed), I can't seem to find any of those in the set I have --

I have ones called Bold 1, Bold 2, Bold 3, Bold 4
Also Light 1, 2, 3, 4

I know with some House fonts there is a key combination you need to do to access some of the styles. Or am I just missing something? I see 14 elements in my HouseGothic 23 folder.

thanks so much in advance

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steve: I agree with Tiffany. Rich and the gang at House are very friendly and helpful. And your initial impression is correct: the whole House Gothic family is a big one which has been added to at least once since it's initial release.

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thanks for the input guys

my guess is I have the older set of House Gothic, not the newest one.

I will check with House.


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You might be better served emailing tech[at]houseind[dot]com for assistance. They are very good about replying.

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