Font Book from Apple

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But can I get a refund for my hair-brained purchases!?

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Would this explain why Adobe stopped development of ATM?

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It's probable, though ATM was never anything special anyway once PS rasterising was integrated into the OS.

Also I think it might have to do with more people switching to Suitcase or Font Reserve

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Does Suitcase?

I've never heard anything about it, and I've never used it personally.

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Check THIS out! Who needs a font browser?

Cross-posted from the ATypI List. Too cool not to show everyone. Thanks to Matt Carey.

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Now just wait for your font list to be beamed to Font Police Headquarters and cross-checked against all your font purchases of the past 17 years.


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I made one of those flash font browsers for myself a couple months ago. I'll see if I can find it to post here.

There's is fancier than mine though. Mine showed every single font on the system, even those little weird ones that are an intricate part of the Windows XP system that don't seem to serve any purpose except to take up space and memory. I wonder how they filtered those out.

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Paranoid much, Hrant?

:rapidly looks around before boarding up the windows and disconnecting the phone:

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Using ClearType on windows XP, even QXP is antialiased. It's heaven.

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I found it!

application/x-shockwave-flashFont Cowboy
FontCowboy.swf (17.5 k)

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The problem with the STC browser is that the font display isn't antialiased (at least on my system - Safari/OSX). Does that bother anyone else?

It looks kind of anti-aliased on my system--same set up as yours. More like OS9 anti-aliasing with terrible spacing. Some of the characters get clipped in odd ways, too. Tom's has better spacing. I think the Flash Player/Plug-in on OSX is a Carbon app and/or does not use the Quartz rendering engine.

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>Would this explain why Adobe stopped development of ATM?

Most probably, yes, Adobe people have hinted that there was somethng on the cards.

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of course we don't know how it works yet, but i'm pleased to hear that i might have a replacement for suitcase finally. my only two qualms about moving to os x were the lack of quark & atm deluxe. one of those problems was just solved, and hopefully apple font book will solve the other.

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It looks a lot like Suitcase. :-) yay!

> especially FR with it's auto activation and font server features

Suitcase has auto-activation.

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Here's a whitepaper from Extensis about this fantastic function!

Suitcase has its problems, but it has worked well for me so far.

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Re: the STC Font Browser
Holy cow. That thing is somehow checking the fonts active
on my machine and pulling them into their Flash engine.
(I realize I'm probably stating the obvious, but it took me a
second to figure that out.)

Re: Suitcase Auto-activation
Suitcase for OS X does automatic font activation and it
works reliably. The only difference between Suitcase and
ATM in this regard, is that ATM could do this from the
background (as a control panel) but Suitcase must be
running all the time.

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The problem with the STC browser is that the font display
isn't antialiased (at least on my system - Safari/OSX). Does
that bother anyone else?

Incidentally, it's also what bothers me about Quark 6. Type
in InDesign just looks so much better and more true.

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Strange, I don't get antialiasing on either flash doc.

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