one million years b.c. (boobies inside)

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after 10.000 b.c., i wished to see a more accurate movie about the stone age,
and ended up seeing one million years b.c. (supline: this is the way it was)^^
i really enjoyed the movie, theres half-naked women, no dialogue at all,
an harryhausens famous stopmotion animation.

i also really liked the opening credits.
they used a very bold font, which i suppose is custom made,
and also a more normal typeface, which is perhaps widely used,
well i couldn’t identify.

but anyway i am more interested in the bold font.
does anybody know anything about it, please let me know.
or if you got anything else to say about this font and my taste,
let me know as well.

10.000 bc sucked. very much. but it was still fun!

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more reaspms to watch the movie (besides the opening credits)

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well its not really the same font,
but the compact version at least also got those egg-shaped "O"s

i like.

the Q, really nice, i think.

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At the time these were probably still being hand-lettered so using the word knock-off seems a little strong.

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i also think they were custom made (= hand lettered)
they are quite crude, notably the "C" feels hairy.
so this could be a nice project to digitize those.
i mean, if somebody thinks the are worth the effort.

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That third one is a very tightly-set Univers Black.

And I have a hunch that the title type is a very distorted Univers Extra Black, though I could be mistaken.

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