Logo for an insurance brokerage company

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it's almost finished. Do you think the proportions between symbol and logo are correct?
Any other feedback will be appreciated
Thanks in advance!

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The look and spacing of your elements seems correct. Considering how tight you're letter spacing is, you might want to kern the "IN" & "RG" tighter and loosen the "A2" on INTERGISA2000 and the tighten up the "Co" and "Se" on the rest.

However, The transparency of the blocks seem lazy and distracting. Is there a reason why you did this? You are aware that there is now green elements (be it 2 very small corners) in your logo.

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I like it. The transparency would look great if overprinted.

Agree that the kerning is a little on the tight side, but it's an aesthetic I guess.

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I wanted a tight kerning so the logo would look compact. Maybe I went too far?

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Wow, this looks great. Good job!

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Please have someone check if this look isn't already a registered trademark. I have seen similar treatments, just be safe.

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