The Business of Type - Redmond, WA. 3 to 4 April 2008.

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Font designers and vendors interested in font IP related issues please check out the following typophile news link...

Happy to answer any questions here, or via simonda@ you know where.

Cheers, Si

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Thanks, Si!

For those of us that cannot attend, I hope some summaries of the proceedings or web pages chronicaling the event will be made available.


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The plan is that as much of the proceedings will be interactive, practical and in support of the concerns and needs of the audience, but I'm sure a few gems will be capturable.

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I've posted the current schedule (subject to change) here...

Recent additions include Dr Jan Kaestner of Linotype, the head legal guy from Linotype (bringing a European perspective to the event) and Tomoko Nakatsuka of the Institute of Intellectual Property, Tokyo, Japan.

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