Nikola Djurek's new Foundry Site ( Typonine ) is live.

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Nikola Djurek's new Foundry Site is live. It is here:

You may know Nikola from his font Amalia which I wrote up for last year's Best of on Typographica here:

His fonts include:

OT Amalia
DTL Porta
Greta Display
Fedra Display
Tempera Biblio
Typonine Stencil

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Porta is new one to me... cool.

Fonts are a little expensive tho.

Mikey :-)

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I have seen Porta on DTL, Tempera is really a new one.
I like the dots on Tempera Biblio!

...expensive...hmm...I think prices are similar
(even cheaper) than most font foundries.


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Expensive or no; he is doing quality work, which is what I like to see & buy.

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As someone who's had a sneak peak at a small bit of the stuff Nikola has been working on it's exciting to see him launch these fine new offerings. Congrats! Also be sure to check out some of his book design work in the "Fonts In Use" section.

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