Equal width for all glyphs in FL

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Hello all,

pardon my screaming ignorance, but you can make the width of all glyphs in a certain font equal? The Font I'm trying to digitize is New Deco by my talented colleague Ivan Hristov.

I've learned a bit about Kerning Classes in FontLab, now I wonder if there's something like Metric Classes, plus I'm no good in figuring it out just by guessing :)

Also, any ideas how to make a default line height for that same font as tiny as the inter-char spacing?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Tools / Action Set, "Metrics" section / Set width.


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What are you going to do with the "I"--half-width? Punctuation, quarter width?

Make sure you choose a width value that will divide nicely many times, e.g 1024, not 1000.
This will help rasterization.

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Thank you for the input, guys!!!

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