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Hello everyone. I am currently looking into the possibility of supplying a client with H&FJ's lovely new Archer. However, before committing her cash, she (and I for that matter) would like to see a printed sample. Do any of you know where in London I might be able to pick up a copy of "Martha Stewart Living", which uses Archer extensively? I will also see if H&FJ can do a brief mock-up PDF.

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Don't the larger book shops have Martha on their racks? I thought they did. I'd say the best thing to do is contact H&FJ directly about this. Note that their fonts are non-transferrable so you'll need to license the fonts with your clients' name and address.

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Thank you Miss Tiffany. In fact, I tracked down a copy in Waterstone's Piccadilly, the largest book shop (so they claim) in Europe. I've sent a short file to H&FJ to ask if they'd PDF it but so far no response. Perhaps this is an atypical request?

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Yes. This seems atypical.

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Is it atypical? Seems to me a lot of foundries do have downloadable pdf samples. Not H&FJ I guess.

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H&FJ advertise in many major design magazines, including ID, Print, STEP, etc. Not sure what UK mags they would advertise in. Their advertisements tend to show the featured design in a lot of different settings (mostly low-contrast, soft colors), and fill a whole magazine page. Recently ads have appeared featuring Archer exclusively. This might be enough information for your client.

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Try Grafik and Eye.

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. In the event, a look at "Martha Stewart Living" has given me and the client enough to go on, and I will be purchasing the basic package, which, at current rates of exchange, seems a very good buy.

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