Removing bitmaps from a font suitcase - Mac

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In the old days of OS 9 one could easily double click a font suitcase containing the whole family and delete some of the bitmaps - say the italic 12 and 24 points.
Today with OSX, once you double click the suitcase it automatically launches FontBook.

And within FontBook - there is nothing I can do if I want to get rid of some bitmap files.

Any idea?

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Font Doctor will do this as well.

I think the common practice would be to remove all bitmaps except 12pt. However, it only saves a few KB, so I'm not sure why one would bother.

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One reason would be a cutomer who wants just the bold weight of a Postscript font. The suitcase however contains all 4 weights (no single suitcases per weight exist). I can send him the bold printer font but have to remove the others from the suitcase first.



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No, the outline references are a different situation. You asked about bitmaps. Bitmaps were the pixel fonts contained within suitcases that were used to render text in OS 9 and before. This only came into play if you didn't have ATM-Light installed, which under OS 9 would have been very unusual. On the early, pre-ATM Macs, if you didn't have lots of bitmap sizes text wouldn't render as nicely.

The outline references can also be modified by Font Doctor with it's Move Fonts feature--basically a clone of an ancient utility called DA Font Mover. I would not really recommend this either. In fact, if you collect fonts out of Suitcase Fusion, they will always be separated into one face per suitcase. This is partly related to Suitcase Fusion's face-level activation. Fonts that are correctly named for family style-linking still show up in modern applications as a family. However, in an OS X environment, it is no longer necessary to have them occupy the same suitcase file. It's better if they're separate, like OTF fonts. Then, as in your example, if you want to give someone just the Bold weight it's easy to do so.

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