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Stephen, Yves, the Fontshop gang... I have a question about perusing the font catalogues on

For how massive Fontshop's collection is, it's browsing features seem rudimentary and simplified.

Is it possible to display more than 20 results? Is it possible to change the sample text so that when I go to the next page it doesn't change back to "AaBbCc Handgloves" at 36pts? Is it possible to sort by anything other than alphabetically?

I'm using Firefox, so maybe these inabilities are indicative to this browser.

This is by no means a cut on Fontshop and it's features. I love Fontshop, it's one of the largest collections and the look and blog features are excellent. I'm just curious if these defaults can be changed, or if Fontshop is considering adding advanced font browsing features in the near future.

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Fontshop's browser has much improved, but what I find difficult and confusing is that it displays fonts in terms of available packages. So if you do a search for Meta, for example, you get all the various ways Meta is available for purchase, but it's difficult to just get a view of all the different cuts of Meta. Whereas at you can see the entire family without having to wade through the different packages. Purchase options is an additional link (which in this case sends you to Fontshop's rabbit hole of purchase options). In terms of straightforward viewing of the font, it's much easier.

It took me forever recently to figure out how to license the expert collection for Meta Normal, I wish it had been simpler.

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I hope I didn't start a "bust on Fontshop" thread.

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We love Fontshop. And Stewf has always welcomed suggestions to improve it. I'd love to make it my "go to" site to look at fonts but right now it's just too busy for me.

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Phew, I was worried. If there's anymore criticism, please folk's keep it creative.

And I'm sure ample amounts of admiration to the Fontshop crew and site are always welcome.

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