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Hey all,

you guys have never failed me in the past! I've searched everywhere; myfonts, WTF, identifont, scrolled through many dozens of typefaces and I can't figure this one out. I wonder if it was custom-made, or some sort of old typeface that's just not used any more.

As far as I know, this logo/crest might be from the 1920s! I want to recreate it, but the interlocking characters would be difficult to recreate by hand, although I just might do it if I can't find the right typeface...

What do you think this is??

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Wow. I didn’t even know they already had pixels in the 20s ;-)

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Hah! This is a scan from a letterhead... Printed in *raised* ink... I attempted to clean it up a little before posting here.


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Close but no cigar...

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Hmm... thanks. That is the closest I've seen for far.

Any other folks want to give this a shot?

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Give the weights being the same for both the LC and UC, I'd say this is custom.

And probably not THAT hard to reproduce, eh? I'd just redraw it (or, when faced with an ugly, analog, outdated logo, perhaps this is time to pitch them on the idea of rebranding)

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I will probably just redo it. I didn't want to go over-budget, time-wise, with them and thought I could simply type out some text.

No way they'd do a rebranding! :D
This is for an old country club; steeped in its old ways; full of tradition. They're not looking for new members, really, as they're already at maximum capacity.

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