non-lining numbers in sans serif?

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This may already have been answered somewhere in one of the fora, but the search function isn't on my side right now.

does anyone know which sans serif typefaces have both lining and non-lining numerals?

thanks in advance!

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other than Scala Sans

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Myriad, Meta, Freight Sans, Hypatia and Finnegan, to start with.

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If they are OpenType format, check them out at or

If they are Type 1 or TrueType, the old style figures are in a separate "SC+osf" font.

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Nearly every text face from FontFont has both figure styles.

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As Finnegan was mentioned here:
Agilita also has both figure styles.
But most modern sanserifs offer both styles.

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Piles of choices. I can't believe I just learned something so basic: how to access the OpenType features.
I always looked for Osf in the style drop-down. (How have I managed to miss this until now?) Yikes.

thanks people ..

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The Sans

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The finest sans-serif on the market, Linotype Syntax, carries both lining and oldstyle figures. So does Stone Sans and Legacy Sans from ITC (not from Adobe). FF Bau comes with default-loaded OSFs, very stylish.

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How have I managed to miss this until now?

Perhaps because the major layout applications which support OpenType (and let's be thankful they do) have never made it easily accessible. Illustrator is an exception--in that program it's possible to have the OpenType palette open on the "top deck".

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Linotype Frutiger, by default.

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