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Hello typo nuts!

I've made this poster for a public debate society, called Hvadharvigangi ("What are we doing?"). It's meant to hang around in universities, libraries and the like to draw attention to the monthly debates. I've tried to convey a both fun and serious mood, because that defines the society: serious topics (this particular one: "Genetics and ethics"), presented and debated in a friendly and "fun" way.

I recognize that you won't understand much of the text, because it's set in Danish. But I hope I can get some feedback on the overall layout/composition anyway. I'll be happy to explain anything in the text that might be important.

My main concern is the potential over-use of different sizes in type. It might appear a bit too messy. What do you think? The font is Knockout + a wee Auto

Also, the header is my additional proposal for a new logo. So this element is important in it self. Their old logo appears at the top of their webpage.

I've attached 3 similar variations of the poster.

Thank you so much!

p.s. The picture is just an example of how I want the future ones to be placed and cut. This one is completely irrelevant to genetics obvisouly

Hvadharvigangi_a.pdf152.61 KB
Hvadharvigangi_b.pdf151.19 KB
Hvadharvigangi_c.pdf150.94 KB
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I see no attachments.

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It seems to be working now.

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Maybe you shoud try to emphasize a little more on the image usage in case you try to convey the fun and the serious part of a society. Although i think that there is an opposite heracy between the topic and the secondary informations such as date and time. I would suggest to use one primary, first level reading size for the topic, and a secondary, smaller one of all the secondary informations by using some other weights from HTF Knockout (combining for example HTF Knockout70 FullWelterwt and HTF Knockout30 JuniorWelterwt, or using the Upercases in some cases also)

P.S. What's the real size of the poster?

Dimitris Papazoglou

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Thanks a lot Dimitris! I might try to downsize the longer text on the right. I really like the the idea of having the date and time in big letters though, so I will see if I can keep that..

The poster will be in A4 size.


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How about this one?


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Or this one even:


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