Typography for Golfing Company

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Hi, I'm currently developing the brand for a golfing company. We're now looking at typography, and found what we believe will be suitable for this particular company. It's the Willard Sniffin Script.


The company name will have the word 'Golf' in it, hence the text displayed above. Here's what I'm asking; do you see anything wrong with the way the 'L' and 'F' work together? To me they seem fine, but the boss doesn't like the two letters (they clash, in his words). I, nor the other guys here in the office, see anything wrong with them, so I thought I might ask you all.

The rest of the letters are all fine, and this type would be very suited to the brand. Now, we've got 2 options; edit the type, or find another font. I'd like to try the former first. Do you have any suggestions in what can be done with the L and F characters? Or would you just search for a similar typeface that doesn't have the same issue with the two particular letters?

note: font hasn't been purchased yet.

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You could try making the 'ascender' of the f a bit shorter so there is some variation in the heights. That should help.

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