releases 15 new TF Arrow weights.

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For immediate release
23 June 2003

by Treacyfaces, Inc.
Contact: Joe Treacy, (203) 389-7039

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JPG showing the new series:

15 new weights of TF Arrow: The family now comprises five volumes, 20 fonts.

by Joseph Treacy
Director of Typography
Treacyfaces, Inc.

Until now only a handful of roman weights of TF Arrow existed. I've just created all the other new weights shown in the sample, including all the new true-cut italics.

TF Arrow has been one of the more popular display and display-sized text series of the past several decades. But it never had an italic.

And so over the years, all kinds of designers, including those who should know better, have taken to skewing the romans (making an 'oblique'; an artificial computer-made skewing) when an 'italic' form of the letter was called for.

Not a good solution, although truth be told, the letter skews 'pleasantly'.

Now, however, designers that know better have a real choice.

A complete pricing schedule is shown below this letter. All these fonts are immediately available.

Existing customers of our TF Arrow will notice that because of the sheer number of new weights, we have re-broken our former 5-weight sets into 4-weight sets. This will make it even easier for new customers to buy, and for returning customers to add more TF Arrow weights.

As always, the Treacyfaces commitment to true graphic arts quality lives on, as it has since 1984!

The TF Arrow fonts all ship with fine quality, consistently drawn letterforms, excellent spacing and exquisite, comprehensive kerning.

Add all these new additions to TF Arrow to your font menu now, by purchasing at for fast delivery today.

Order toll-free now at 800 800-6805,
or online securely at

Thanks very much for your interest in Treacyfaces true graphic arts quality types!


The new TF Arrow A B C D & E series (20 fonts!)
Released June 18, 2003

Treacyfaces, Inc.
Phone 800 800-6805

You can easily purchase with your Visa, MasterCard or
Amex card, at our quick, 1-page SSL-Secure online order form,

All prices and volume groups are right in the order form!

Delivery to your e-mail address is rapid,
usually in 30 minutes.

Available for Mac or Win, in PS Type 1 or TrueType.
(We recommend the PS Type 1 format.)

Individual weights:

TF Arrow 0055001 Extralight, US$29.
TF Arrow 005501 Light, $29.
TF Arrow 00550002 Book, $29.
TF Arrow 005502 Medium, $29.
TF Arrow 0055003 Demi, $29.
TF Arrow 005503 Bold, $29.
TF Arrow 005504 Extrabold, $29.
TF Arrow 0055004 Heavy, $29.
TF Arrow 005505 Black, $29.
TF Arrow 0055005 Ultra, $29.

TF Arrow 00550011 Extralight Italic, US$29.
TF Arrow 0055012 Light Italic, $29.
TF Arrow 005500023 Book Italic, $29.
TF Arrow 0055024 Medium Italic, $29.
TF Arrow 00550035 Demi Italic, $29.
TF Arrow 0055036 Bold Italic, $29.
TF Arrow 0055047 Extrabold Italic, $29.
TF Arrow 00550048 Heavy Italic, $29.
TF Arrow 0055059 Black Italic, $29.
TF Arrow 005500510 Ultra Italic, $29.

Pre-grouped volumes are arranged thus:

All-New 4-weight volume definitions:

TF Arrow A 005500111 Weights: 4; US$98.
Extralight, Extralight Italic, Bold, Bold Italic

TF Arrow B 005500112 Weights: 4; US$98.
Light, Light Italic, Extrabold, Extrabold Italic

TF Arrow C 005500112 Weights: 4; US$98.
Book, Book Italic, Heavy, Heavy Italic

TF Arrow D 005500113 Weights: 4; US$98.
Medium, Medium Italic, Black, Black Italic

TF Arrow E 005500114 Weights: 4; US$98.
Demi, Demi Italic, Ultra, Ultra Italic

New 10- and 20-weight Bundles:

New TF Arrow A, B, C, D & E
(all 20 fonts); US$343. (Saves $147.)

New TF Arrow A, B, C, D & E ROMANS only
(10 fonts); US$209.

New TF Arrow A, B, C, D & E ITALICS only
(10 fonts); US$209.

There are also 8-weight discounted combination volumes bringing savings
on sets merging AB, AC, AD, AE, BC, BD, BE, CB, CD, CE, DE.

NOTE: The 'old' 5-weight TF Arrow A and TF Arrow B
volumes are discontinued.

Joseph D. Treacy
President & Director of Typography
Treacyfaces, Inc.

P.O. Box 26036
West Haven CT 06516-8036 USA

800 800-6805 orders
203 389-7037 phone
203 389-7039 fax 24 hours
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