Gently rounded font recommendation?

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So, I'm launching my personal portfolio site, and I'm currently titling with a free font called Alte Haas Grotesk. I probably don't even need to point out that it's ... er ... quite Helvetica-inspired.

I'd love to buy a sans-serif font with a similarly gentle rounding aspect (not looking for anything as direct as Helvetica Rounded).

I shouldn't mention my budget for this purchase isn't too liberal, so the more affordable the recommendation, the better.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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Hi David,

rather contemporary (actually brand-new!): FF Unit Rounded. (You can test the bold weight for free, btw)

Rather old-school: Bloc


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'Strada', by Albert Pinggera = 'Gently Rounded' — I'd state.


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Ketchupa is quite nice and affordable...

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Good links, all! TDF, I think you've come closest (thus far) to what I'm looking for ... I actually like Mustardo even better than Ketchupa. I suppose I'm a sucker for a two-story a / single-story g system in a basic sans-serif.

These are really good directions. If anyone else cares to share, I'd love more suggestions! Thanks!

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Houschka Alternate, although it's not really noticeable at that size.

Nick Cooke

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