Interested in advice

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Figured this is the place to ask...
I have never designed a font but would like to. Are there any good reference places online? Not necessarily a 'how-to from scratch' but more like advice taking it from sketches to flushing out a polished font.


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You might check out Briem's site : here.

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thanks, theres a lot of great info on that site!

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Try Underware Type Basics et al

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Worship Randy Jones for a week.


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Flattered. Yes, but also a little weirded out.
I'm not very worship worthy. Honest.

To your question m leavitt, where do you live?
I ask, because I'd suggest taking a class from someone.
I just realized you might be asking more about the digitizing process. Is that your main question?


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Hire Randy Jones for a week.

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