Feedback for my design

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Hi, sorry if you saw this in my blog but I'm looking for feedback on this typeface I'm designing. It's sort of a logo-type. Thanks for looking!

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I like the overall feel of this, but it seems very scattered. It needs more consistency, in stroke weight and pattern.

Lowercase c, x and y look more uppercase than uppercase C, X and Y. Lowercase r looks like uppercase Gamma. I think the descenders g, p, q, j and y, should actually descend. Uppercase O is boring; lowercase o is too stylized compared to the other letters. Lowercase t looks more like it's an uppercase T, and more like 7 than the actual 7 does. I think 0 (zero) should use the O shape, with the same center ring and dot as the zero. I like the numbers, except 7 and 0. Uppercase N looks too plain.

I like the f, q, P, R.

Try writing natural, mixed-case text with this and see how it looks. That should lead you to fix the consistency.


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Thanks so much for your detailed critique; I really appreciate the time you spent to construct such a detailed, insightful comment. I'll keep working!
I'm trying to follow a system, maybe too rigidly, whereby all the letters are the same height and width–with a couple of exceptions, namely W, M, and X. It makes it tough to build some of the lowercase letters, especially v (I hate V). O's and 0 are tough too.

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