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I have a question regarding formatting.
I'm using the revalo http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/downloads/identikal/revalo_classic/ family in a magazine, when i bring the word file into indesign it ditches all the italic formatting.
I have no idea how to fix this so it all comes through and i know where the italics are. Am i doing something wrong in my stylesheets? if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.


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Are you using Revalo in Word or just in indesign? And can you place the world file using a different face and get the italics?

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hi, thanks for the reply. The editor writes the stories in verdana, with italics and format in place, i'm using revalo in indesign.
I've had it work fine for me on other publications with other fonts.

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It’s probably a naming problem, with Indesign unable to match Verdana Italic to Revalo Classic Whatever Italic. Try using a font that works when you bring the text in, set up styles, and then change the styles working styles to Revalo.

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That's how I do it:

After importing Word file (see screen-capture) into InDesign and BEFORE any formatting I find/change (cmd/ctrl +F) any instance of italic/bold/bold italic (Find format settings => Format => Basic character formats => font style) and change it to relevant character style (defined berofe). Then I apply paragraph styles and all formatting from Word file are preserved.

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I think (but no expert) that you might want to check your InD preferences and make sure, under Composition, that "Substituted Fonts" is checked.

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I do the same as urquell.

When assigning style sheets, if you don't want to lose the italics, don't hold the option key when you click on the style in the palette.

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Thanks All for your help, it seems to work fine on my mates computer fine, i have the substituted fonts checked, and i dont click the option key to overwrite the styles. I will try to do as Urquell suggests when things calm down in this place!!!


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